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Aquiva Gallery’s inspiration comes from nature, and so we truly value the wild spaces in our home country, Indonesia. Nature is full of unusual materials, which serve as the starting point of our designs and we use these materials to create unique and superior products that you cannot find anywhere else. With nature as our inspiration you will find that our furniture has an organic quality that will immediately leave you with a feeling of peace and calm, and a connection to the forests from which it came. With this in mind we use reclaimed and responsibly sourced wood to ensure that we have as small an impact on our majestic forests as possible, while still creating high quality and high value products.


2Aquiva Gallery is located in a Bangunjiwo-Yogyakarta Mountains area, a protected environmental area. On the way to the Aquiva Gallery, you will pass beautiful views of the countryside and breathe in the fresh cool mountain air. Vast stretches of paddy fields and stands of ancient trees will treat your eyes to an unimaginable variety of greens and golds. Those of you from the city will learn the delights of a slower pace, clean air, and the ability to reconnect with nature, which will leave you feeling relaxed and with a great sense of peace.


3Aquiva Gallery’s design philosophy is the merging between nature and mankind, where the designs accentuate the texture of the natural materials, in combination with other materials such as metals and other materials to produce a product with both natural elegance and an artistic flair. Our artisans have a wealth of experience and can be counted on to produce products of the highest quality. Our products are handmade and we use machines as little as possible to ensure that each piece is perfect and respects the individual qualities of the different materials used. This also allows us to insure that every piece is thoroughly inspected and meets out high standards before it makes its way to you.  Every product of Aquiva Gallery is truly unique and will bring the beauty of nature into your home.


5We also strive to create a conducive and supportive business relationship between labor, suppliers and clients. Aquiva Gallery empowers artisans around Bangunjiwo-Yogyakarta by employing local resident artists and by allowing them to put their personal touches on each product that we create. Our artisans also receive special additional training to ensure that our products meet the highest of standards. The combination of talented artisans, a handmade approach, and artistic freedom result in truly inspiring products that we know will lead to very satisfied customers.




Here at Aquiva Gallery we also create custom orders for our clients and our artisans will be happy to work with you to make a “one of a kind” piece of furniture just for you. Once completed all of our products undergo an extensive inspection and quality control process, and then will be delivered to your home, where we guarantee that it will serve you well for years to come.

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